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Welcome to Italy, November 2023

It will be One Amazing Trip!!!


Why Italy

Experience the beauty and culture of Italy! From the ancient ruins of Pompeii to the romantic canals of Venice, this 10 day trip will take you on a journey through some of Italy's most iconic cities. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Rome, Florence and beyond while making memories to last a lifetime. November in Italy awaits you

For some - a first time emersion into the wonderful things Italy has to offer!

For others - a view into places we haven't seen yet, and a chance to revisit a few sites and places we know we love!

For all - an amazing adventure into the history, food, wine and culture of a country with such a rich and extensive past it's hard to imagine!

The Details

There is simply WAY too much of Italy to cover in a 10 day trip...  Instead, some goals / guidelines:

  • Make it a bit of a "Best of" trip - don't try to get too off the beaten path as there just isn't enough time!

  • Trip will be costly - but not crazy!

    • Hotels will be well located, well reviewed and comfortable looking - not budget, but not luxury either!  We will however happily spend a little extra for larger rooms, rooms with views, etc.

    • Money spent on private tours, access to museums, etc. will be well spent - not stressed over!!!

    • Food and Wine - YUP, we'll have no problem dropping some cash for the BEST options!  But will also look for local gems.  We'll take advantage of breakfast included lodging, but won't hesitate to forgo it occasionally when we see something else we'd like to try out!

  • Since there is too much to see and not enough time, there isn't much flexibility in the trip plan - once it's final and booked, we'll need to more or less stick with it...​

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