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Itinerary Overview

Wednesday, November 8th

Travel Day

Airplane Taking Off at Sunset

Off we Go!

Those starting their tour with 2 days in Rome start their adventure Wednesday night, heading from NYC to Rome.

Thursday, November 9th

Arrival in Rome

Welcome to History!

Explore the Eternal City! On your day of arrival in Rome, take a leisurely stroll along the cobblestone streets and discover the city's iconic sights. With no scheduled tours or events, you can take your time to explore the many galleries, monuments, and restaurants that make this city so unforgettable. Welcome to the wonders of Italy in November 2023

Fri, Nov 10th & Sat, Nov 11th

Rome in Two Days
VIP Immersive Experience

Trish & Eric start their 2 day immersive tour of Rome while Barbara, James & Alec arrive, catch up on sleep, and do some exploring.  All get together for Roman dinner!

Airplane Taking Off at Sunset

The Rome in Two Days: VIP Immersive Experience is an amazing, private experience and a once in a lifetime experience.  It's not cheap, but it is WELL worth it.  Your personal guides will get you to the right place at the right time, avoiding crowds and sharing their vast knowledge of all things Vatican (Day 1) and all things Roman (Day 2)

James, Barbara, Alec and Teti got to experience this 2 day dive into Rome in January 2019 and have nothing but great things to say about it!

Rome in Two Days Tour:  VIP Immersive Experience

Tour includes:

  • Complete Rome experience

  • An expert English-speaking private guide

  • Expedited entrance tickets to all the sites


  • The Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel

  • St. Peter's Basilica

  • The Colosseum

  • The Roman Forum

  • The Spanish Steps

  • The Trevi Fountain

  • Piazza Navona

  • The Pantheon

Hidden Gems:

  • The Palatine Hill

  • The Raphael Rooms

  • Castel Sant' Angelo

Saturday, Nov 11th


Trish and Eric enjoy their 2nd day of their Tour of Rome while Barbara, James and Alec explore a bit, poke around museums and stores, etc.  In the evening, we'll all meet up, catch up, and find something good to eat.

Sunday, Nov 12th

Rome to Pompeii & Naples

Pompeii Tours & the Archeological Museum of Naples
Discover the lost world of Pompeii and priceless ancient artworks in Naples Archaeological Museum

Another private tour day with Through Eternity Tours.

-- Hop a fast train to Naples in the morning --

-- Meet our guide / driver for the day of touring --

-- Back on the train and back to our hotel in Rome for the evening -- 

Tour includes:

  • An expert English-speaking private guide

  • Private driver and round-trip car transportation between Naples and Pompeii

  • Skip the Line tickets to Pompeii

  • Tickets to the Archaeological Museum of Naples


  • Pompeii Forum

  • The Plaster Casts

  • Pompeii Thermal Baths

  • The Temple of Apollo

  • House of the Vettii

  • The Farnese Bull

Hidden Gems:

  • The Lupanar

  • The Gabinetto Segreto (secret collection of erotic ancient art)

  • The Alexander Mosaic

  • The Farnese Hercules

Monday, Nov 13th

Rome to Florence
With a stop in Orvieto

Train Rome-Orvieto-Florence.png

Off to Florence We Go!
Today begins the second leg of our Italian tour, where we will check in for a four night stay in Florence.

En route, we will have a chance to hop off the train and get a feel for the city of Orvieto, an Umbrian city with almost 3,000 years of history! 


9:02am - 10:28am

While in Orvieto:

  • Cable Car from Train Station

  • Pozzo di San Patrizio / St Patrick's Well

  • Walk through old part of city

  • Wild Boar & Black Truffles for lunch

  • Orvieto's Duomo

  • Underground Tour

6:37pm - 8:55pm

  • Train from Orvieto to Florence


St Patricks Well.jpg

Tuesday, Nov 14th


Florence is a city of art, history, and culture that will enchant you from the moment you arrive. Whether you want to admire the masterpieces of the Renaissance, stroll along the Arno river, or taste the delicious Tuscan cuisine. Florence is not only a destination, but an experience that will stay with you forever.

For our first day in Florence - a little bit of a slower pace after a bunch of intensive tourist days in a row!  A visit to Boboli Gardens and Palazzo Pitti, a bit of shopping, and of course some great food!

Definitely a good day for an amazing chef's tasting menu!

Wednesday, Nov 15th


Tour includes:

  • Tickets and expedited entrance to the Accademia and Uffizi

  • Expert, fluent English-speaking local guide

  • Exploration of the most beautiful streets and squares of Florence


  • The Uffizi Gallery

  • The Accademia and Michelangelo's David

  • The Duomo and Brunelleschi's Dome (outside)

  • Piazza della Signoria

  • Ponte Vecchio

Hidden Gems:

  • Orsanmichele

  • The Baptistery (exterior) and Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise

  • The Loggia dei Lanzi with Giambologna's scuptures

Thursday, Nov 16th

Florence - Tuscany

Wine Tour Day
Or other day trip from Florence? - Details TBD!

Red Grape Vines

Friday, Nov 17th

Florence to Venice

Palazzo Veneziano

November 17 - 19 (Confirmation)

Welcome to The City of Love!

Venice is a city unlike any other. It is built on a group of 118 small islands that are connected by over 400 bridges and canals. It is a city of art, culture, and history, where you can admire the stunning architecture, visit the famous museums and churches, and enjoy the lively festivals and events. Venice is also a city of romance, where you can glide along the water in a gondola, explore the charming neighborhoods, and watch the sunset over the lagoon. Venice is a city that will enchant you with its beauty and charm. Come and discover why Venice is the city of canals. 🛶

After a leisurely breakfast, it's time to hop a train to Venice!

Once checked in to our amazing looking honeymoon suites in the city of love, we'll have the rest of the day to wonder, shop, eat...

Saturday, Nov 18th

Venice - an immersive day tour!

Tour includes:

  • Entrance tickets into St. Mark's Basilica and the Doges Palace

  • Expert English-speaking private guide


  • St. Mark's Basilica

  • St. Mark's Square

  • The Doge's Palace

  • The Bridge of Sighs

Hidden Gems:

  • The spectacular labyrinth of Venice

  • A traditional Venetian bacaro (wine bar) * consumptions not included in the price *

  • The world's quirkiest bookshop

Sunday, Nov 19th

Travel Home Day...  BOOOOO!!

It's time to say goodby to Italy.  Today we get on a plane and head back to the real world...

Although...  Barbara and James are considering extending a few more days and heading into the mountains to visit Barbara's old world cousins in Tuenno.  Wanna join us???  They are such welcoming, friendly folks - and they make simply the best polenta and rabbit stew :)

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