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Dinner Reservations

Friday, Nov 10

Open - Suggestions, or do we just find somewhere?

Saturday, Nov 11

La Pergola - really, did I do the right thing a few months ago booking Rome's only Micheline 3 Star...  at 320 Euro per person?

7:30 pm Booking - hopefully get us in bed not at a ridiculous hour since we have to be at the train station early for our trip to Naples.

Sunday, Nov 12

I figure we play it by ear and find a nice spot to eat before train ride back from Naples

Monday, Nov 13

Find something casual after our day travel from Rome to Florence?

Tuesday, Nov 14

Degusteria Italiana 

Another Tasting Menu - They asked which one, so I selected Carte Blanche Menu, but also mentioned that with it being the middle of Truffle season, we are excited for the truffle component (especially White Truffles) to play a starring role in the meal!

7:30 pm booking.

Wednesday, Nov 15

La Giostra 

As recommended by Tricia's Volunteer!

7:30 pm booked for 5 people

Jay and Yuuka's date night!

Thursday, Nov 16

Open - after a long day of touring, wine tasting, etc. we may just want to fine a nice little bar or wine bistro to drop in to, or some such thing!

Friday, Nov 17

Ristorante Bacarandino ai Corazzieri

Great reviews, #19 of 1,119 on Trip Advisor, a little off the beaten path and reasonably priced - seems like a good option.

7:30 pm Reservation

Saturday, Nov 18

Ristorante Lineadombra 

They may only take reservations for 6 or less, but I've emailed requesting 7 people at 7:30 pm,  Will update once they confirm.

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